Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Syrian Holocaust and the world

The world's fate hangs daily in the balance. We have all heard this many times. The balance of power is shifting,but few of us have any idea of the spectre of challenges faced by the "leader of the free world." So , please, while you are busy criticizing a President you claim "has no backbone", remember these foreign and domestic accomplishments with citations. . Without question, resolving violence, terrorism, war mongers, corruption, greedy multinationals, the ubiquitous class struggle, human exploitation, the excessive materialism of the West, devious political interests, and old world leaders who need to revamp their countries' governance toward the rule of law and equality-MUST happen now! Mr Obama is without " wings and a halo". Problems at home in the US were allowed to deteriorate as President Obama stepped into the Office of the President, especially two financially and politically costly wars. The Syrian debacle is a holocaust which must end with UN Peacekeeping forces following a peace accord that is developed by the Syrian people themselves. It is the same in every nation for several millennium now, but we never learn until it is too late and lives are lost. Attitudes and behaviors need to transform first. Why is this so difficult to grasp?Peace negotiation skills, among other 'global citizenship skills', will eventually be taught in primary and secondary schools and, thus, our values changed in the near future. But unless you are willing to change yourself, the world outside will never change.

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  1. He says he and the American people have "drawn strength from the example of this extraordinary leader and the nation that he changed (Mandela)."