Monday, June 2, 2014


Little girls deserve to be little girls. Forced to become women before their time, 'child marriage' girls miss out on normal human development in social, psychological, and emotional ways. The girl-to-woman pipeline is a critical transition in shaping the future development of the girl child, the family, community, and nation. Cultural, religious. and economic justifications for marrying off girls is an obsolete and paternalistic form of repression and a weak excuse for denying girls what little boys are entitled to by those who really don't like either like or value girls. Child marriage stunts the growth of families when girls are denied education. What do you say?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Why deal with research and social action that is so sad?

The other day, my colleague here in Kampala (Uganda) were chatting. We are research scientist who work in gender studies at the School of Women and Gender Studies (Makarere University). Someone empathetically asked him recently 'Why do you do research on such sad topics?' Our desks sit across from one another and even though this is a busy place, we occasionally catch the other nodding, grimacing, or viscerally reacting to some aspect of our work. So I then told my colleague about my experience the other day when I was checking my email. The Boston Red Sox had won the 2013 World Series (again!!) and, although I am not a baseball fan, we all love it when the homeboys/hometown wins. It's especially nice when you're away to hear good news about where your roots are. The hard won victory gave me a high. But immediately after, I opened an email from a listserve. It narrated two mortality stories in Yemen. The first, an 8-year old girl who bled to death on her wedding night having been married to a 40-year old man. The second, a young girl burned to death by her father for contacting her fiance before the wedding. Being emotionally snatched from ecstasy to despair in a split second took its toll and I collapsed on my laptop. A few days later, I happened on a blog by David Zarza at

There is a great that can be said about the condition of the world. It is both disintegrating and being rebuilt simultaneously, on a new set of principles around which there is increasing consensus.
I do notice that on my Facebook page, when I post "sad stories", I get fewer likes or comments, except from 'the choir'-the strong of heart. People don't want to hear about this dark side of my work and I am not the only one who deals with tragedies of this magnitude.
My question is, who will speak for girls and boys, young people who cannot speak for themselves if we do not? Me personally, I am obligated by my religion-the Baha'i Faith-to "be a treasure to the answerer to the cry of the needy..a haven for the distressed, an upholder and defender of the victim of oppression." It is a deepening learning process that began years ago and I do feel (not think) that we are all in a cosmic or spiritual way placed in this world in positions in we can do the most good for human well being, positions for which we have been armed with unique skills and inner qualities. So we press onward, until gender inequality, one day, will become a distant nightmare of a perverted generation past.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Rap philanthropy may be focused on old power models of academic patriarchy

Depending on the curriculum design, programs/depts, instructors, and how the donations/finances from Dr Dre et al  are handled/invested institutionally (hopefully, as a partial endowment and scholarship fund), this could be a wise move, or a disaster. However, depending on which USC centers are the recipient(s) of such a cushy gift, the results may be academic business as usual.
Ethnic Studies units (programs/departments) have been strapped, since their inception half a century ago in U.S. higher education, for funding. The wiser units have broadened their scope, reinvented themselves intellectually, disciplinarily, globally, and pedagogically, and built partnerships with partners outside of academia. But those are few and far between. Many more are making themselves redundant. There is a trick to making the most of this level of donation for the future, despite whatever overhead the institution may charge. Internal partnerships, external "friends", and globalizing the potential impact of such an 'art, technology, and business innovation' center will
fail if it overlooks the gender and class disparities promoted by the more heavily marketed forms of rap culture which are one stream of the McWorld culture we export. It may produce a few first-rate game designers and music industry experts, but how many of these will be women and people of color? How will the philanthropy navigate the anti-Affirmative Action climate in the U.S.? What type of curriculum design, cultivated by new career pathways, will be represented in the ultimate impact of such a potentially lucrative program of learning and teaching? As a senior tenured faculty member  and gender specialist who introduced HH into the curriculum at an eastern U.S. institution in 1990 and who has served on a multimillion dollar NSF grant focused on culture and technology, we'll see if USC makes smart decisions about sustainability, resilience, and good financial planning resulting from this donation. For original blog article: [Photo credit: Nuri Chandler-Smith]

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Syrian Holocaust and the world

The world's fate hangs daily in the balance. We have all heard this many times. The balance of power is shifting,but few of us have any idea of the spectre of challenges faced by the "leader of the free world." So , please, while you are busy criticizing a President you claim "has no backbone", remember these foreign and domestic accomplishments with citations. . Without question, resolving violence, terrorism, war mongers, corruption, greedy multinationals, the ubiquitous class struggle, human exploitation, the excessive materialism of the West, devious political interests, and old world leaders who need to revamp their countries' governance toward the rule of law and equality-MUST happen now! Mr Obama is without " wings and a halo". Problems at home in the US were allowed to deteriorate as President Obama stepped into the Office of the President, especially two financially and politically costly wars. The Syrian debacle is a holocaust which must end with UN Peacekeeping forces following a peace accord that is developed by the Syrian people themselves. It is the same in every nation for several millennium now, but we never learn until it is too late and lives are lost. Attitudes and behaviors need to transform first. Why is this so difficult to grasp?Peace negotiation skills, among other 'global citizenship skills', will eventually be taught in primary and secondary schools and, thus, our values changed in the near future. But unless you are willing to change yourself, the world outside will never change.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Native Americans: Abuse and Misgusided Manhood

In traditional times in Native American culture, (male) abusers of women and children would have been punished by their peers through public beatings or banishment from the tribe. There were systems in place that worked to maintain the moral and ethical life of the community and to protect its more vulnerable members. Things have changed. The rates of sexual assault and violence against Native American women are the highest in the nation. Be a witness. Take time to view this video and make a comment.